5 cares after a breast augmentation surgery

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28 November, 2018
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14 January, 2019

When you decide to realized a breast augmentation, you are aiming to improve your look, improve your confidence, improve your femininity, so it is very important to follow all the postoperative cares that your surgeon gave you to obtain the better results. In this post we want to give you 5 cares after your breast augmentation surgery.

  • After your surgery, the surgeon will put on you a compression bra that you need to use at least one month after surgery. This bra will help you breast to compress your treat tissues, avoid the apearance of bruises and prevent internal bleeding. You can only take off this bra when you go to shower. During this period avoid using a convetional bra.
  • When taking a shower, avoid moistening your breast for at least a week, just do it in case your surgeon allows it. Keep your incisions clean and dry, and if you have drains, do not moisten them.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke during your postoperative, these sustances slow down your recovery and also can cause complications to your surgery.
  • Only takes the medication that your surgeon prescribe you, this medication generally consist in antibiotics and analgesic to prevent infections and help you with the pain. Do not self medicate, over the counter medicine can slow down your recovery, for example, aspirin is forbidden because it is affect the blood coagulation.
  • During the first 2 weeks avoid rigorous physical activity, also do not raise your arms or carry heavy objects, kidis or pets. After this period of time, you can resume your normal activities gradually, do not overwork at least for one month.
  • Following this recomendations, you will obatain the best result in your surgery. If you are interest in have a breast augmentation, in Esthetictrip we have the best experts in cosmetical surgery, contact us through our web site for more information about breast augmentation.

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