7 Cares after a buttock augmentation

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21 June, 2019
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12 July, 2019

Buttock augmentation is a very popular surgery among Latino population. This surgery aims to increase and model the shape of buttocks to make it look bigger, firms and contoured, enhancing the female silhouette.

The key factor for every surgery be a success is the patient do all of the postoperative cares that the surgeon prescribed to you. Each patient require specific cares based on their cases that only the surgeon can prescribe you, but in EstheticTrip, we want to give you some general postoperative cares that you can have in mind when you get a buttock augmentation performed.

  • After the surgery, the surgeon will leave drains to eliminate the excess of fluids, it is important that you leave these drains, do not moisten nor manipulate it. These drains will be retired by surgeons between 24 to 72 hours later, depending of the level of fluid that the patient produced.
  • It Is required a hospitalization of 48 hours; during the first day, the patient require absolute rest, either laying on side or upside down, to avoid pressure on the buttocks. At second day, you can start making little walks to help the prosthesis to engage to the muscle and avoid the formation of clots.
  • During 3 weeks you need to sleep upside down or side. Also, during this time, you can sit but for short periods of time.
  • The hygiene of the zone is very important. You need to avoid moisten the zone, and when you finish doing your necessities, you need to clean the zone with water and soap to avoid infections.
  • Later, it is recommended the usage of postoperative girdle during one month, to give the prosthesis support and help it to adhere to the muscle.
  • You need to avoid to perform heavy activities that exert force on the buttocks, to avoid that the space create for the prosthesis expand it more. These activities includes, weightlifting, lift kids, lift pet and lift heavy objects, also do not crouch nor perform abdominals.
  • It need to avoid the usage of pools during 2 weeks, to avoid infections.
  • We remember you that each patient require of specific cares that adapt to their conditions, it will be the surgeon in charge to prescribe you the cares; follow in step by step is the key to obtain the best result. If you want to get perform a buttock augmentation, in EstheticTrip we can help you. we count with qualify surgeons and specialized in plastic surgery and will give you the best results, you can contact us through our website if you want to know more about this or other of our surgeries.

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