7 foods to stay slim and healthy

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15 March, 2019
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The Word “diet”, has a lot of negative connotation, but also a lot of misuderstanding, people think that make a diet is putting up with hunger, only eat veggies and have once meal per day, this methods are unhealthy for you, and sometime does not bring the result that are you expecting. To lose weight you need a combination of a good excercise routine, a great alimentation, and drink water; talking about alimentattion, we want to introduce you 7 foods than helps you to lose weight and stay healthy.


Seafood is one of the foods that brings a lot of positive nutrients and vitamins to our diet, specially blue fish type, like salmon, this kind of fish are rich in omega 3 fats, one of the most scencial fat that you need to consume, also; salmon have a lot of protein and nutrients that make you feel satisfied for a long period of time.


Unlike to what people think, eggs has a lot of proteins and healthy fat, that make feel satisfied, with low calories. Egg yolk is where most of the nutrients are, so do not skip it.


Nuts like almond, are a great source of proteins, fiber and healthy fats, make them a good snack, but be aware, nuts have a lot of calories, so do not eat lot of them, just a small bunch of them.

Green leafy veggies

Another option to include in your diet, this kind of veggies, have a lot of fiber, vitamins like A, B2, C, K and E and also are a source of calcium that not only help your bones, but also, help you to burn fat.


Like nuts, Avocado has a lot of calories, but also, have omega 3 fats, good for prevent cardiovascular disease, also have a lot of protains, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E, making this food good to prevent muscle cramp, and improve your eyes.


This food contains a lot of calcium, potassium, vitamin B, and fiber, this combination make them perfect for feel satisfied for more time, also, help you in the correct brain functioning, and reducing blood pressure. Eat them 3 time per week, and a portion equivalent to 1 cup.

Sweet potato

Even though sweet potatoes have more calories rather than potatoes, they have more calcium, fiber and potassium, in fact sweet potatoes contribute with two more nutrients, vitamin c and beta carotene.

Expert recommend to eat 5 time per day, 3 complete meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 snack. Remember to drink a lot of water, and make excercise, a good combination of this 3 factors, Will help you to stay slim and healthy.

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