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29 April, 2019
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Tummy tuck is an ideal surgery to remove all the excess of skin that generate in the abdominal area due to a weight gain and fastly lost of it. As every surgery, it is required a certain postoperative cares that the surgeon will prescribe you, follow each one cares is the key for a fast recovery and see the result of your surgery. In Esthetictrip we want to give you 8 cares after a Tummy tuck.

  • It is always recommended to quit smoking, because it is a harmful habit, but, in this kind of procedure, where the treated tissue circulation and oxygenation is fundamental for a recovery, smoking decrease the tissue recovery due to a lack of oxygen. The surgeon will indicate you quit smoking 1 month before and after the procedure, being better abandome for complete the habit.
  • The surgeon will prescribe you the usage of a postoperative girdle. This girdle aims to compress the muscle to help them adhere to skin and they get used to their new position, also, will help you to reduce bruises and swelling. You need to use this girdle the time that your surgeon says, and it usage need to be constant you can only remove it when you take a shower.
  • Speaking of taking a shower, you need to have in mind to not moisten the dressing while the the suture heal. After the sutures are removed, you can wash the area remembering drying them well with a hair dryer in cold air. If you have drains, avoid moisten until they are removed.
  • Only take the medicine that your surgeon prescribe you, generally are antibiotics to avoid infections and analgesic to help you with the pain.
  • The first 2 days it is recommended absolute rest, after this time or when the surgeon indicate it, you can start making little walks, it is important to move so it can prevent the formation of clots.
  • You have to avoid tension in the abdominal area, so you can not realized efforts, raise objects or crouch during the time that your surgeon indicate you, by this you will avoid complications during cicatrization.
  • Keep in mind your feeding, remember eat balanced to obtain the necessary nutrients for a fast recovery, also keep in mind too hydrated, for it is recommended drink 2 liters of water. When your have this surgery keep in mind to not gain weight or this will affect the surgery results.
  • You have to sleep in a specific way, you need to sleep face up, with the head slightly elevated and with the legs flexed, for this, put some pillows under the knees, by this way, you will reduce the tension in the abdominal zone, helping with the cicatrization.

With this cares you will achieve that your recovery be correct and will avoid complications, if you want to get your tummy tuck performed, in Esthetictrip we can help you, our experts surgeons are willing to help you get the silhouette that you want, contact us through our website making click here.

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