Advantages of plastic surgery during summer

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14 January, 2019
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21 January, 2019

At the time of performing a plastic surgery, a lot of people wonder when is the best season to performing a surgery, this, has led to a series of myths about why is not good to perform a surgery during a specific season.

It is thought that summer season is the less indicate season to perform a plastic surgery, for reasons temperature rising and sweating, the truth is the weather and season not affect in the surgery, the final result depends directly of the surgeon who performs the surgery and the patient if it follow rigourosly the postoperative cares. Believe it or not, perform a plastic surgery during summer bring some advantages worth enough to take, next, we will show you some of this advantages.


The summer vacations are ideal if you not want to give explanations to your bosses about why do you need a sick leave or to your co-workers why to won't come some days, besides, this surgeries can leave some symptoms like bruising, swelling and redness, and can be akward, so it is put up with all of this in the privacy of your home will make feel better when you come to work after your vacations.

Time for recovery

Speaking of vacations, during this time you are free of stress, have more time to spend in your care and making the activities you like. Being relaxed it a keypoint during the postoperative, as is know that oppressive sutiations can cause stress an this can slow down the recovery process. Some recommendations

Sun it is always a negative aspect that slow down the recovery process, the first week it is recommended do not receive sun directly, after that, you always need use sunscreen even if the zone is covered.

Take advantage of this season to use loose clothing, to avoid touch of the scars against the clothing; surgeries like tummy tuck require the use of compression belt,we know that the heat it is unbearable,so have in mind to stay in cool places, always been hydrated and follow rigorously all the recommendations that your surgeon given if you note some unusual thing, do not hesitate in contact him.

As you see, there is no contradictions in perform a plastic surgery during summer, the best choice to perform a plastic surgery is when you feel its the right moment and have enough time tu spend in the postoperative cares, if you want to perform a plastic surgery, in Esthetictrip, we are the expert in the topic, our professionals are high qualify to perform the surgeries and give you the best result, contact us through our web site to have more information.

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