Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal medellin

Laser Hair Removal


Diode laser hair removal, is actually, one of the best technologies to eliminate the body hair permanently, is very use for its effectivity and benefits.

Diode Laser hair removal allows eliminate the hair of almost any zone of the body: Armpits, arms, forearms, complete legs, bikini line, chest, abdomen, complete back, beard, shoulders etc.

One of the main benefits of use diode laser for hair removal, is that allow treat skin with dark tones (up to phototype IV) and thin hairs; so, it allow treat more patients than other types of laser.

Diode laser is also effective to treat folliculitis, brighten the skin due to skin damage (like shave) and give the skin a better texture. It is a low pain treatment, this depends of patient’s pain tolerance, but in general, it feels like soft prick when the diode laser is working.

It is required 6 to 12 sessions to achieve eliminate the hair permanently, but, this period can vary depending on multiple factor such as, hair quality, hormonal factors, age, gender, and others.


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