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12 December, 2018
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While there is no discarded question in a plastic surgery query, often, people do not make the pertinent questions. Make the right questions will help you to choose if the plastic surgery it is appropriate, and can guarantee that your health, security and appearance are truly in good hands.

When you query your plastic surgeon, do not let ask this 4 questions

Are you certificated in plastic surgery?

Verify that you plastic surgeon is endorsed by Colombian Society of Esthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for make esthetic procedures. If the medic have this endorse, answer for a serial of important questions about the training, experience and commitment of this surgeon with the security of the patient.

How often do you perform the procedures that i want?

Why this question is important? is good to ensure that the plastic surgeon is great qualified to achieve the desire result.

The normal is that the surgeons specialize in certain type of procedures, like the facial esthetic surgery. You need to consider the benefit of choose a plastic surgeon that perform frequently the kind of procedure that you want to have. A specialist surgeon will be likely to work with patients with different body types and is very likely to be technically up to date.

Furthermore, the more time that surgeon have performed a specific procedure, the more photos of before and after of surgeries that he perform, this will help you choose if you could achieve the result that you want with this surgeon.

What type of anesthesia will I receive and who will provide my anesthesia?

Discuss the options for anesthesia will help to prepare you physically and mentally for a secure procedure and without complications. While the plastic surgeon vary the type of anesthesia, depending the nature of the procedure, and the needs of the patient, all plastic surgeries require some type of anesthesia.

Both local anesthesia (generally used in the patient under sedation) and general anesthesia are statistical safe when are use by a certificate person. The best ype of anesthesia for a given patient is unique. Even though, local anesthesia offers some advantages, like short initial reccovery period; the general anesthesia used to be more need for complex procedures, like tummy tuck, a complete plastic surgery or when it is perfom multiple procedures.

It doesn't matter what matter what type of anesthesia recommend the plastic surgeon,ensure you ask to your surgeon who will administer the anesthesia. this person should be a certificated anesthesiologist or a certificated nurse. Have a dedicate to anesthesia team, will ensure to you that you have the qualify professionals who supervise you during all the procedure and let the surgeon to concentrate to achieve the desire result.

This is another great reason to limit your search for certificated plastic surgeons: An ABCS certificated plastic surgeon only works with certificated anesthesiologist professionals and with license in certificated surgical center.

How will be my recovery?

You should understand the details of the recovery process to decide if is the right time to perform a plastic surgery. Ask to your surgeon how much you should wait to resume your normal activities, like work, care of the kids and exercise. Before program a surgery, you should ensure handle the fact that be "out of service" during a couple of days or weeks, base on the procedure complexity that you are considering.

Are you ready to start asking this questions? Start with finding a certificated plastic surgeon Best wishes for a safe and successful trip to your new look!

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