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8 November, 2019
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Without any doubt, the world of esthetic medicine has given us big advances, procedures are more safe and results are more satisfactory.

But, there still a lot of people that do not dare to appeal to esthetic treatment like plastic surgery, because are very invasive, require of medical disabilities and rigorous postoperative cares; this is translate as a stop in their daily routine.

Fortunately, not always is required of surgery to enhance the physical appearance. Now, there are a great variety of esthetic treatments without surgery, that are thought to fight the aging signs that bother us, without the need to stop our routine.

Remember that, even these treatments are easier, you must always go with experts in the esthetic treatment without surgery that you want to get performed, because them are trained to perform the treatment and guarantee you the desire results.

Without nothing more to say, in this blog we want to show you some esthetic treatment without surgery, that are perfect to correct minor inconvenience about our bodies and look rejuvenated.


One of the most requested treatment, Botulinum toxin, a.k.a Botox, is a substance that is inject in the face, and serves to relax and avoid the muscles contracts, achieving a decrease of expression lines and fine wrinkles.

Is one of the esthetic treatments without surgery that both men and women request, especially to eliminate forehead wrinkles, the feared crow's feet and the lines around mouth. keep in mind that Botox cannot treat deep wrinkles, sunspots nor flaccidity.

Even though, the Botox is used as a corrective treatment, it can also use as a preventive treatment, which the substance is apply in young people that do not presents much wrinkles, with the purpose of educated the muscles and avoid that they contract excessively.


Nanopore Is an esthetic treatment without surgery relatively new, but offers great results, especially if you aim to enhance the quality and appearance of the face skin.

Nanopore consist in a pencil like shape device, which have a head with micro needles, that are impulse by a motor, which opens micro channels on the skin where it can be introduced vitamins, nutrients, hyaluronic acid and collagen.

This treatment is good to treat wrinkles, scars, acne, sunspot, stretch marks and also stimulate hair growing. is a painless treatment, do not require medical disability and result can be appreciated since first session.


Serotherapy is a biological medicine treatment that allows treat multiple body pains.

This esthetic treatment without surgery consist to apply intravenously natural substance that stimulate the auto-healing capacity of body. The compounds can vary accord to the needs of each patient, making this treatment personalized.

Is a treatment with multiple benefits: fight stress, prevent aging, control the weight, reduce fatigue, detoxifies the body, enhance the immunological system, control insomnia, recover the brightness of the skin and more.

Deep hydration

Even though, wrinkles and flaccidity that the face presents are consequence of time, they also caused by lack of hydration and decrease of collagen.

To fight these signs, is recommended to get a deep hydration treatment done, at least once a month, to give a soft and bright look to the face.

Deep hydration is an esthetic treatment without surgery which the face skin is clean and exfoliate, so then, are apply serums, vitamins and hyaluronic acid which are absorbed, achieving to enhance to look of the face, and recovering the youthfulness of the skin

Laser hair removal

Body hair is one of the things that most bother to women, a lot of the traditional hair removal methods, beside be painful, only offers temporary results, which imply a waste of money and time to have the skin free of hair.

Fortunately, exist the laser hair removal, which consist to apply a beam of light that attack the melanin of follicle, making it burn and it destroy.

There are many laser hair removal equipment’s, but the most use is the diode laser. This type of laser, is perfect to eliminate the body hair, is safe to use in people of different skin tones (up to phototype 4) and results are long lasting.

Diode laser also helps to enhance the quality of the skin, treat the folliculitis and helps to bright the skin tone, making this esthetic treatment without surgery a great ally.

To look young and beautiful, you do no need to go to operating room, as you see, there are so many esthetic treatments without surgery that aims to enhance the skin and give a bright and young look.

In Esthetictrip we offer esthetic treatments thought to enhance the appearance of the body and also do not require surgery. If you are interested in any of our esthetic treatments, you can contact us through our website making click here>.

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