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Face is maybe one of the places where are fastly notorious the signs of aging: the skin lose firmness, wrinkles and expression line appears and in general some zones lose the volume.

In esthetic medicine, exist a lot of treatments to correct this signs and, among these treatments, the most outstanding is the hyaluronic acid. In this article we want to talk about this treatment and how can help you to enhance the appearance of your face.

What is the hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is naturally produced inside our body, its main function is stimulate the collagen production and help to retain the water in the skin, allowing that constantly remains hydrated, firm and smooth.

As we aging, the body decrease the production of hyaluronic acid, this cause that the skin weaken and start appearing the sign of age that we all fear: the skin lose it volume, flaccidity is produce, appear wrinkles, and skin is not so smooth as before.

It is then where appeared the chemical hyaluronic acid, this compound is a biocompatible and absorbable gel that medic use to inject directly in the face zone to treat, in this way it helps to recover the volume, firmness and texture that had been lost.

This treatment is one of the preferred for medics to treat the signs of aging, because it is totally secure, being a compound that is naturally produce in the body, the injections are very safe and there is no chance of rejection, and of having complications it can be injected an enzyme called hyaluronidase, that breaks the hyaluronic acid molecules, and allow that the body absorbs fastly.

Advantages of the hyaluronic acid

  • It is a totally safe procedure, because the compound is fabricated to be biocompatible with the body and there is no risk of rejection or allergies.
  • The results are immediate, i.e, since the moment it is apply, the results start be notorious.
  • It is an outpatient procedure, it is required local anesthesia to make the procedure easier. On issues of anesthesia, there are hyaluronic acids that contains lidocaine (a type of anesthesia), this allow and easier application.
  • This treatment is perfect to fight stationary wrinkles, i.e, these wrinkles that are seen in the face when is in a resting state. It helps to produce collagen, that enhance the texture and firmness of the skin. Also, the hyaluronic acid it help to retain water in the skin and it remains hydrated.
  • It is a lasting procedure, it is required apply the hyaluronic acid every 6 months approx, this duration varies according to the quality of the patient's skin.

Cares after a hyaluronic acid treatment

The care can vary according to each patient, and is the medic who should give you the recommendation. Among the general care:

  • Use sunscreen in the treated areas.
  • Massage the treated zones with a soothing cream.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Do not realized physical activities after 2 hours of a finish treatment.
  • Do not realized any type of infiltration during the next 15 days.

As you can see, the hyaluronic acid it is a very effective treatment to treat the signs of aging, it is a totally safe procedure, because the compound is naturally produced in the body, and the labs fabricated it to be biocompatible in this way the body absorb it and is eliminated without a risk. It is a perfect treatment for both men and women, it offers natural results without modify abruptly the facial features.

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