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The caring of the appearance has left to be a taboo topic among men, more and more mens cheer up to caring their appearance, care their skin, and thanks to the current beauty canons, they aim for a youthful and radiance looking, that inspire virility and freshness.

In plastic surgery topics, it seem that mens are more interested in these procedures to achieve a youthful look, and among these procedure spotlight the facelift.

Facelift, it is a procedure that aims to give a youthful look to the face, eliminating the excess of skin and fat, due to ageing, they go down of their position.

Even if the results the same, exist some particularities that have to be considered when this surgery is performed in mens, keep reading this article,and we tell you all about facelift in men.

Who can be an ideal patient for a facelift?

Among men, it is considered an ideal patient the ones that are between 40 to 60 years, that are healthy, and want to enhance their appearance, but also have realistic expectations.

In men, the first ageing signs are show in the cheeks, that, due to the decomposition of the adipose tissue, they go dow of their position, also, there are the appearance of deep marks in the nose grooves. There are extreme cases where there are excess of skin in the jaw and neck, these zones require a procedure, that we are going to talk later. If you have this symptoms it means that you are a candidate to get this surgery performed.

What difference are between facelift of men and women?

In summary, the objective is the same, enhance the face looking, what varies are the considerations and factors that interfere in the procedure. Men's skin are tougher, also, due to presence of the beard make that blood supply that arrive to the face increase, making more propense to bleeding ans bruises during the surgery.

Additional to this, the incision that the surgeon realized, need to be done in strategic spots, first, there are not much spaces to hide the scars, and second, due to the beard line and the sideburn, it need to be care that these two remain in a natural place, to avoid the stretched and less natural looking that every men does not want when get this surgery performed.

What facelift procedure can be performed in men?

If you want to enhance the cheeks area, the forehead and the nose grooves,it can be performed a middle third facelift, in this procedure, the incisions are done near the scalp, being careful that beard and sideburns do not get affected and remain in a natural spot. in other hand, if the jaw and the neck seem to be affected, it need to be performed a cervicofacial facelift, in this procedure de incisions are done in the chin and behind the ears to treat the skin, and if there are excess of fat, a liposuction can be performed.

This surgery need to be personalized, it means that the surgeon have to talk with its patient and talk about the worries and examine his morphology, in this way it can be determinate the procedure that corrects the imperfections that patient worry and offering the most natural results.

What results can will be expected for a facelift?

Facelift not stop the ageing, but can slow down their effects, also, you will notice an enhance in expression lines and zone that lacks of definition as cheeks, neck and nose grooves.

We always recommend, that you reach with expert surgeons, and in Esthetictrip we count with the most qualify surgeons in Colombia, if you want to have back that youthful look, book your date with us through our website.

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