1Why choose Colombia as the place to have my plastic surgery?
Before you have a surgery, each patient should perform a deep investigation to choose the place where it will be performed, likewise, should compare all important aspects to reach a decision.

In Colombia the quality and level of private medical services is very high, that is why today is one of the most important fields of the economy, over the past 10 years, the flow of foreign patients coming into the country because of the scientific quality of surgeons and the innovation that has occurred in surgical and anesthetic techniques has increased more than 200%.

This has led our country to the improvement of surgical anesthetic for faster recoveries and risk minimization protocols. Thus, surgeons today seek less visible or hidden scars, more natural results and improve the appearance of patients but always based on realistic expectations.

In our agency, the 98% of the patients are from abroad and patients who have no family or someone coming with them, has a permanent guidance and support by including nursing and company of a persona if the patient want to know better the city.

If you are going to do surgery should check surgeons are specialists in plastic surgery, and obviously that their expertise is in surgery, with all that this entails as pain, bleeding, scarring, incisions, anesthetic risk, surgical risk,etc.
2What are the elements to consider when I’m going to have a plastic surgery in Colombia?
Remember that every plastic surgeon should be licensed physician and subsequently advancing the specialty of plastic surgery, offered by a university officially approved program.

The plastic surgeon should indicate whether the procedure to be performed is simple or complex, more or less, since this depends requiring outpatient care (outpatient) or have to stay hospitalized for one or several days. Usually all the cases are outpatient.

You must ensure that the IPS (health company) count on emergency care, hospitalization or intensive care by themselves or through a contract or agreement with another entity for the case where any complications during medical intervention occurs.

It is necessary to ensure that the institution is authorized to perform the type of procedure being required.

Do not forget that the number of procedures to be performed in a single intervention makes it more risky.

Beware of rates or excessively economic plans. A plastic surgery is not something to try to get the best price but the best professional, even that in Colombia the prices are lower compared to other countries, you still need yo be careful and not have your surgery with extremely cheap entities.

Note that the injection of substances are not allowed in Colombia as a cosmetic procedure so if someone is offering this kind of services, be careful.

Don't trust in people offering miracles, the expectations of the patients must be realistic and the plastic surgery helps but don´t bring miracles. If your expectations are not realistic you won´t have the results you want. Talk about this with the doctor because its a crucial issue in plastic surgeries.
3When should I have a plastic surgery abroad?
The surgery should be done when you really have the time of recovery, never in a rush, it is true that the protocols reduces the recovery time, but you still need time to get better, also remember that it is better too much than too little time on this kind of cases.

All surgeries require different times recovery and these range between 8 days and 21 days. When it is a foreign patient, it is preferable that has a little more time so the normal the average stay is 15 days after the surgery.

In addition to how long will you stay, you should choose a time when you have the mental and spiritual tranquility and availability for recovery. Always take the time to plan it, do not do it in a rush, this experience is much better in a good holiday trip.
4What are the advantages of having my plastic surgery in Medellin?
The main advantages of having your plastic surgery in Medellin, Colombia are:

Prices: Cheaper than other countries with a high level quality. Great high level professionals that studied in the best universities of the country or abroad of it.

For patients coming from United States and Canada the distance is a huge advantage, compared to other destinies in Latin American, Europe or Asia; Colombia offers lots of direct flights at a really low cost depending on the dates the patient is coming (this compared to Argentina or Thailand which are the countries that receive a lot of patients for medical tourism).

You don´t need a visa.

Great cultural opportunity. Most of the visitors we have in our city actually fell in love of it and right now we are seeing a lot of clients actually coming to Medellin to live here. Also, in Colombia, we have numerous cultural and natural heritages recognized by the ONU such as Cartagena and the Lost City and the National Coffee Park.

Once you have recovered from your plastic surgery in Colombia and want to do some sightseeing will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of tourism opportunities offered by Colombia and the warmth of its people.
5How the payments works?
Our medical procedures or treatments are planned based on a 1-2 months. Therefore the total or deposit payment is requested in advance, through transfer, deposit, Paypal or credit card. The respective terms and conditions of payment are set out in Esthetictrip contract.
6What services are not included?
  • Personal expenses
  • SPA sessions
  • Extra nights
  • Companion expenses
  • Additional drugs
  • Transportation in the city
  • Pre surgical test
  • Shaper (if necessary)
7How many days before a procedure do I need to be at destination?
It depends on the medical procedure. if it is a quirurgical procedure, patient usually needs to arrive 2 - 3 days before the process. For aesthetic treatments, 1 day before the procedure.
8What happens when I got back home?
The patient is informed and guided regarding post-operative instructions from the surgeon or specialist. Safe return to patient’s country of origin is prepared after proper medical discharge, ensuring patient safety.

We will provide the patient with a complete overview of the procedure, results, and instructions.This way, everything can be handled if necessary to patient’s doctor in their country of origin. Our staff stays in close contact with the patient, to provide appropriate follow-up until the patient is fully recovered.

No patient is allowed to fly long distances back if not previously authorized by the specialist.
9How is the procedure to choose the Esthetictrip suppliers?
We select our partners and suppliers through an extensive and careful process. We seek the highest quality standards (ISO 9001) in each of them. Surgeons and specialists are selected according to factors such as experience, available procedures, equipment used, patient experience, customer service, location, results, accessibility, among others. We make sure of each vendor making a personal visit to the facilities with our team.
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