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If we speak about eliminate fine wrinkles, the Botulinum toxin, a.k.a Botox, it is the most recognized and asked treatment among all. This treatment aims to reduce the fine expression lines that forms as time goes by, giving a youthful and fresh look that nowaday both, man and woman desire.

In this opportunity, we want to talk about frequently asked questions about Botox, if you are thinking of perform it.

Is Botox a painful treatment?

No, in expert hands it is a painless treatment. Medic will use a small needle and syringe then will inject the toxin in small amount under the designated zone, you do not have to worry about anesthesia nor scars, the treatment is safe and ambulatory.

Which zone the Botox is apply?

Botox is an effective treatment to eliminate wrinkle that generates by time, such as front wrinkles on the frown, crow's feet and corners of mouth. You have to keep in mind that Botox will not eliminate deep wrinkles, solar damages nor flaccidity, for this you will need others treatments that focus to treat this symptoms.

There are risks or secondary effects?

In experts hands,Botox is highly safe, neither is frequently that surge secondary effects. However, could appear bruises, swelling or redness. To prevent bruises it is recommended to avoid use anti-inflammatory before and after session.

Are the Botox effects permanent?

No, the Botulinum toxin is a substance that consume over time, whereby offers prolonged result, It is stimulated that Botox effects long between 4 to 6 months approx, depending of each patient. Recent studies have demonstrated that, even the botox immediate effects diminish, the constant session acts as "educator" of muscle, making that muscle contract less and soften the wrinkles.

How often should be practice Botox sessions?

Every 4 or 6 months, it is the estimate time of duration of toxin effects. It will be the specialist medic who decided the time between applications, because if Botox is apply again in a zone where still have stockpile, the system will adapt and generate anti-bodies to combat the toxin, making the treatmen effectless in the patienet.

Which is the recommended age to start a Botox treatment?

it is not speak to an exact age but a person needs. Is when person feel that need to enhance their face looking and reduce those fine lines that complex them. Botox, also can be a corrective treatment, it can be used also as a preventive treatment, the more young it is start the treatment the more benefits obtain. It is recommended that, if a patient wants to use botox as a preventive treatment, start at 30's.

How treatment success it is guarantee?

we always say it, to guarantee a success in any procedure it is recommended to assist to a expert medic to have the knowledge to manipulate and administer the correct way, also the medic will who search to offers a personalized based in the specific characteristics of each persons.

Is botox contraindicated in any case?

Botox can not be injected in zone that presents infections, acne, swelling or infectious dermatitis, also this treatment should be avoided in pregnant moms or breastfeeding season and person with sclerosis.

Nowadays, Botox treatment y highly safe, and offers great result enhancing the face looking, if you want to perform a Botox treatment do not hesitate to put yourself in expert hands. in Esthetictrip we count with best experts and offer a Botox treatment to help you to eliminate the wrinkles that torment you, visit our pricing page to know all of our offers and if you want to book your date, you can contact us making click here.

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