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11 October, 2019
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Every October 19th it is celebrate the international day against breast cancer, a day dedicated to inform and create conscious among people about one of the most common cancers that women suffer.

Cancer is not synonymous of death, medicine has advanced, and the early detection, make that the cure rate higher. In this day is invited to women a lot to practice the auto exam and do not have fear to go to medics before any abnormality, remember, and early detection may do the difference.

But, what is breast cancer?

Body is composed of cells and groups of them, that comply a determinant role in the normal functioning, but, for reasons that are not know at all yet, some cell alters their functioning and start to multiply and expand without any control.

In a beginning, this disturbance may pass imperceptible, but, as time goes by, the cells go accumulating and start forming little lumps inside the zone. If this lumps do not treat early, it can growth their size and also displace to other zones of the body, causing negative effects.

Which are the causes of breast cancer?

It can be many the factors that impact in the develop of breast cancer, some of these factors are can be controlled, while others factors are non modifiable.

Among the factors that can be controlled are: overweighting, excessive consume of alcohol and cigarettes, bad nutrition, hormonal treatments after menopause and others.

On other hand, the non modifiable factors are: genetics birth alterations and breast cancer precedents on women of the family.

Each case is different and it may be due many factors, therefore, is recommendable performed regular medical exams, eat healthy, make exercise and always be alert to any changes that your body presents.

Which are the symptoms of the breast cancer?

  • Swelling on the breast.
  • Irritation and peeling of the skin.
  • Dimples formation, similar to texture of an orange.
  • Pain on the breast and the nipple.
  • Secretion of substance from the nipple, like blood or pus.
  • Retraction of the nipple.
  • Growth in the axillary ganglia.

How the breast cancer can be detected?

An early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, is vital and can be the difference to perform a successful treatment and eliminate the cancer.

The auto exam need to be a routine that every women after their 20's should start monthly.

For women between 20 to 40 years, the auto exam need to be performed 2 week after their menstrual period ends. On other hand, for women major of 40s, the auto exam should be done the exact day monthly.

Also, is needed to perform medical periodical checks, these checks can be mammography, radiography, needle biopsy and a complete physical exam. These checks need to be performed once in a year starting the 45 years, or twice in a year starting the 40 years, if the patient have cases of breast cancer in her family historial.

Which are the treatments against breast cancer?

The breast cancer treatment can vary according the develop stage that the illness is.

Medicine has advanced a lot, and now the treatments that are offers are less aggressive and left less secondary effects.

The most common treatments included:

  • Chemotherapy: Is a treatment that consist to inject by intravenous the medicine to treat the damage cells. This treatment also attack the good cells, causing vomit and hair los, but, as we mentioned before, the new medicines are less invasive and do not generate a lot of negative effects.
  • Radiotherapy: Consist of using ionized energy to treat the patient. Is an accumulative treatment and can not be repeat in a same patient.
  • Surgery: There are cases that only need to be removed the tumor and affected tissue to treat the cancer. But also, exist cases which is need to perform a mastectomy, which means, remove all the committed breast to achieve eliminate the cancer of the body.

The auto exam

In Esthetictrip, we unit on this marvelous celebration and we want to give the instruction to do the auto exam:

  1. Stand before a mirror, put your arms in your hips and observe your breast, have special carefully to any change such as, sinkiness, wrinkles, or if the skin looks like orange skin.
  2. Raise your right arm above your head, and with the fingertips of your left arm, touch the area: it can be in rounded moves or up and down moves. Take attention to any lump or abnormality in your breast.
  3. Pinch your nipple gently to see if any secretion comes out.
  4. Repeat the procedure in your other breast.
  5. Lay down on a bed, and perform step 2 and 3 in both breast. Some lump can not be feel when your are stand up, with this method, yo can feel it if they are present.

Breast cancer is not a game, but also, is not the end of all, with an early detection and the right treatment, there are almost a 100% of cure. Celebrate the life, and remember, for your health TOUCH YOURSELF.

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