When is it need to change the breast implants?

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26 August, 2019
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Breasts augmentation is one of the most required surgeries by women, because help the to have the breast size and shape that always have dreamed, that translate in an increase of their confidence.

There are some doubts that women have when they thinking to get this surgery performed, the two more frequent doubts are: How long does last the breast implants? And, When is it need to change the breasts implants?

In this opportunity we want to treat this topic, what studies has emerge, and what the experts recommend about change the breast implants.

What the experts says about change the breast implants

Maybe have you heard that the breast implants need to be change every 10 years, but recent studies have proved that after this time it is not necessary.

According to the Food and Drugs Administration (a.k.a FDA) in a report published in 2011, it was concluded that 1 in 5 women require change the breast implants.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it state that 80% of patients do not show anomalies in their implants, and it not required of surgeries, even after 10 years.

With this it is not discard at all that implants are everlasting; It is only discard the beliefs that in 10 years need to be change the breast implants obligatorily

So, When is it need to change the breasts implants?

There is not an exact date, there are many factors that affects the duration of implants, such as: the fabrication process of the maker, surgeon's manipulation of the implant, own reactions of woman's body and postoperative cares.

There are patients that required change their implants at 10 years, but also there patient that required it after 20 or 30 years. As is it a weird object that enters in the body, it need to be check the evolution through the years, if is deteriorate, if a contracture is produce, or if it broke.

Another factor that need to be considered is the quality of the implant. The implants produced 10 years back, are different to the produce nowadays, so, if you are a one of these patients with old implants, it is required a medical control to monitor the implant state.

Cases when the breast implant need to be changed

There are some cases for a patient required a breast implant change.

  1. Patient desire: It is common that the patient wants to change the implants due to body changes, that make her harmonize her silhouette. It also want retire the implants to have a better lactation experience, even though is not necessary, because depending of the technique to put the implant, this do not interfere in breastfeeding.
  2. Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a anomaly that is present around the implant. Happens in the body that, due to adaptation and healing process, the body create layer of scar tissue around the implant, in some cases occurs that this layer becomes really hard and press the implant, causing it deforms, it elevate, and in extreme cases, cause pain in the breast. To solve this problem it is required a surgery to remove the tissue and the implant.
  3. Breast implant ruptura: With time passing by, the material of the implant it deteriorate causing a rupture. It is not known how much time need to pass to this happens, it only know that the deterioration is exclusively caused by the own material. An implant it is not rupture for taking an airplane, scuba diving or receive a hit in the breast (except a very dangerous accident that occurs in the zone). There are no symptoms that suggest an implant rupture but also do not represents a treat in the patient life, thanks to the scar tissue that forms around the implant that prevents any leaking. To know if there a rupture it need an ultrasound or resonance to examine the zone, for this, it is very important go to control appointments.

It is very important to realize controls of your breast implants states, a revision 1 or 2 time in the year is enough to know the state of your implants. As we mentioned before, there are patient that can reach 30 years without needing a breast implants change, it is important to maintain contact with your surgeon or have a complete medical record about your surgery to control your breast implants.

As you see, the duration of the breast implants is not more an excuse to get the surgery performed, and in Esthetictrip we can help you. Our staff is highly qualified to perform breast augmentation surgeries, we count with specialized clinics equipped with all the necessary to do surgeries and we use breast implants of best quality. If you want to book your surgery, you can contact us through our website.

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