Other services

Additional Services

To make our clients trip the best they can get, we also offer different kind of services which can complement their needs:





from arrival and during the stay in the city.


Dentistry services which includes dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, dental rehabilitation and orthodontics.


The best tourism plans in Colombia to meet the diversity in our country, you will not regret because we have variety of destinations and rural, beach and jungle at the best prices in the market. such as Amazonas, Boyacá, Capurgana, Cartagena, Coveñas, Tolú, Eje Cafetero, Guajira, Valledupar, Santa Marta, Llanos Orientales, Neiva, San Agustín, Nevado del Ruiz or Santa Marta.


Apartment International is the company who work with us. The options we offer your will be an excellent value for money. They are conveniently located: close to clinics and tourist centers. They are clean, well-reviewed and have excellent client service. The apartments also granted easy access for us in the case of any emergencies or requests that you have. All accommodation in the apartments are for 2 adults, they space are very well equipped and have free Wi-Fi and Cable TV.


is the care you receive after all surgical procedure. It depends on the type of surgery you have, and often it includes wound care and pain management. We offer our clients the full accompaniment before and after the surgery, and the services will be provided until the you’ve been discharged. Also, packages include:
  • Post-surgical complications insurance.
  • Home assistance insurance.
  • Post- surgical girdle (when required).
  • Post-surgical bra (when required).
  • Anti-shock socks (when required).
  • Post-surgical massages at home (x10) with the option of performing part of the package or all of it in a medical center with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Nurse during the first night (when required).
  • Clinical ambulance to place of residence (when required).
  • Unlimited follow up appointments.
  • Personalized guidance.


Door to Door Service

Bilingual and Private Driver Ensures Convenience and Peace of Mind

You can schedule and pay for secure transport from the Airport to your Apartment and then upon departure back to the Airport. Our Drivers know exactly what apartment you are staying at and will alert the check-in team upon your departure from the Airport to ensure they are ready and waiting for you at the apartment.

We really recommend the use of a private driver to ensure your arrival is smooth and hassle free. Our driver will be waiting for you at baggage claim, even for late arrivals or delayed flights. The transport is paid online so no issues with exchanging money upon arrival and no issues communicating with the taxi driver.

The driver can bring you a loaded SIM card for local calls and data or they can do some shopping with you on the way to the apartment or any number of other useful tasks to get your staying started the right way.

Our drivers also can answer questions about the City, so feel free to spend the 45 minutes from the International airport to plan the rest of your trip and organize a city tour or several day trips that we offer to the numerous nearby attractions.

  • Details of the services are to be provided and all data related to the city such as transportation, sightseeing, cultural activities, among others.
  • Don't hesitate and CONTACT US, we will organize something special for your needs.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

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