Bichectomy or cheeks surgery is the operation used to improve or enhance facial features because it creates the illusion of having a more slender and elongated face thereby improves the aesthetic appearance and structure of the face.

This surgery is performed by making an incision inside the mouth, look for pockets of fat in the cheeks (bichat bags) and are carefully removed.

The Bichectomy is a really safe operation, usually performed under local anesthesia and in most cases no complications and recovery is not traumatic. The procedure is performed in an average time of 30 minutes and recovery is one week. The results were noticed since the patient leaves surgery and also are final.

Bichectomy surgery

During the first days after the operation the patient observed a small swelling on the cheeks but feel minimal pain, there should be no bleeding, you should have a balanced diet and is not heavy to the body, it is advisable to place ice all the time possible in the surgical area during the first three days, you should stay at rest and not advised physical exertion or sports and sun exposure. The patient can resume their daily activities after 3-5 days.

It is necessary that after surgery the patient take all prescription medications and so fulfilled attend the controls to program the surgeon.

How to know if you are a candidate for surgery?

You have to keep in mind that since we born, everyone have bichat bags and as we grow, this bags tends to reduce. This surgery is recommended for men and women over 18 years, with a normal weight and a round looking face, is not recommended for people with overweight or obesity, also, is not recomended for patients over 45 years, because at this age there is a significant reduction in bichat bags, so the surgery can cause a premature aging of the face.

It is advisable to realized a preliminary evaluation, since each case is different.

Bichectomy surgery in Medellín



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