Breast Augmentation surgery in Medellín

It is the famous breast augmentation surgery that we all know (breast augmentation). This surgery is performed patients for various reasons such as improving body contour when you have small breasts, fix volume loss after pregnancy or to give symmetry and correct differences between the breasts. Sometimes also used this surgery for breast reconstruction in cancer.

To get the desired breast augmentation, breast implants are used also known as prostheses which are located in a deep pocket that is created behind the chest muscles and behind the mammary gland.

Almost always the incision is made in the areola of the nipple or in the crease under the breast to make the scar less visible.

When does the size, texture and desired symmetry carefully closed surgical incisions and leaves a particularly sporty type bra that provides comfort to the patient, which immediately waking early notice positive changes in your body.

Breast Augmentation surgery

The surgery lasts approximately 2 hours, is ambulatory so the patient can go home the same day and is performed under general anesthesia so you will sleep through the entire operation.

Although there are risks in any operation, in operations such as breast augmentation these risks are really low. The major changes that the patient be observed in the shape, size, position and consistency of the breasts.

Patients are satisfied with the results obtained in most cases, very little scarring visible and short length that can be covered with underwear or bathing suit, however when you will be unclothed visible scars.

The breast augmentation surgery is plastic surgery (or cosmetic procedure ) that more patients are performed not only in Colombia but also in many countries of the world with excellent results and most satisfied patients, especially when these are realistic expectations and effectively communicate with the plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery in Medellín

Breast Augmentation


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