Buttock Surgery or buttock augmentation is an operation quite popular especially among the Latino population while Europe is not requested.

The buttock augmentation is a delicate surgery that requires a special assessment of each patient in the measures discussed in the area, shape and arrangement of the hip bone. If what is sought is a significant increase is better contemplate the gluteal prosthesis but if you are looking for a small increase is usually recommended fat lipoinjection own (see Liposuction).

In no case should resort to injections or injections of other substances such as biopolymer, hyaluronic acid or other is known as host of complications and rejection.

The approximate duration of the procedure is 2 hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that the patient goes home the same day of the operation and is performed under general anesthesia. The implant is typically placed by the gluteal cleft so that there is little visible scar. The implant may be placed under or muscle tissue under the gluteus maximus.

Buttock Augmentation surgery

The next day after the operation the patient experienced fatigue and feel pain, which is controlled with medication prescribed to your plastic surgeon. Requires most of the time be prone to falling pressure.

During the first 2 weeks you can not use the pool as it increases the chance of infection. Sports and other exercise activities may resume again around 3 , 4 weeks after surgery.

During the first week may have decreased sensation or tingling in the thighs but this feeling gradually disappears as the discomfort that the patient experienced the first few weeks. Additionally you may be required massage.

Buttock augmentation surgery in Medellín

Buttock Augmentation


Back to home in 4 weeks

Prices given below are approximate and not definitive, is for our clients to have an idea of the approximate costs so you are able to create your budget:

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