Chin surgery or mentoplasty is the procedure for harmonizing the leading face forward or backward chin thus improving their position or size and facial features accordingly.

In order to perform this surgery is necessary to determine the type of pathology in the chin that can be: progeny (chin forward) or retrogenia (chin back), this requires a series of diagnostic tests (photographs lateral radiographs) to determine if alteration if the chin or is a combination of chin and jaw position.

There are several methods that can be used to increase such as chin implants, injection of fillers or advancement genioplasty or maxillary bone. In the latter case, chin augmentation is performed carefully fracturing most anterior part of the jaw and later relocating it to achieve the stability of this procedure uses biocompatible titanium screws.

Chin surgery

This operation can be performed alone or combined with orthognathic surgery to improve bite and tooth position. It can also be done at the same time as other surgeries such as nose or eyelids to reach a more harmonious outcome.

This procedure is really simple and usually does not require hospitalization. The incision can be made inside the mouth or outside under the chin, according to the technique used. The internal incision leaves no visible scar is barely noticeable external, ie it does not affect facial aesthetics.

Usually performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation. If this surgery or performing some other must make a modification of the chin bone if general anesthesia is used.

After surgery the patient is normal observe some small bruises that may need some type of drainage surgical or simply can drain spontaneously.

Mentoplasty surgery in Medellín



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Use rest total 48 hours after surgery and to be very limited in the movement of the arms. The rest should be done horizontally and face up, not recommended sleeping on your side or stomach. The head will be tilted as possible either with pillows or cushions.

The withdrawal of the points is performed after one week of surgery. The face should be cleaned with mild soap and do not encourage or condone the use of any cream until no points are removed. If the patient wants to dry your hair it does with cold air dryer because heat should not be used in the treated area.

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