Also called ear correction surgery, is a procedure (as the name implies) to correct defects in the ears. The most common is correcting an increase in the angle between the ear and scalp ears whose technical name is displayed.

Ear growth is constant from birth to approximately 6-7 years old. Therefore it is preferred to perform this surgery in this period of life as the patient is spared the psychological trauma generated by the mockery of the children his age, also to do it at this age does not alter the growth of the ear. Anyway if you prefer, patients also can perform this surgery in adulthood.

With otoplasty what is sought is to correct the projection of the ear if there is too much and the depth of the outer part of the ear. Usually incisions are needed in the back of the ear but it is also possible to make incisions in the front. This facilitates the exposure of the ear cartilage so it can be modified either relaxing incisions and/or placement of attachment points.

The surgery can be performed with local or general anesthesia and the duration is approximately 2-4 hours. The surgery is done to modify the position of the ear in relation to the skull but always taking into account a margin of separation to allow cleaning and possible wearing glasses comfortably.

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