How to prevent the scars after a surgery

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17 January, 2019
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Scars are one of the reasons that patients worry about at the time to decide whether or not perform a plastic surgery. Scars cannot be avoided, it is the natural response of the body when there is an injury on the skin, this does not mean that scars cannot be diminished and make their appearance less visible.

A good cicatrization it is the combined effort of a correct procedure of the surgeon and the postoperative cares that the patient make after the surgery. Keep in mind that cicatrization process require of time and there are factors that can cause cicatrizations problems like:

  1. Infections.
  2. Chronic disease like diabetes.
  3. Bad postoperative cares.

The best advice always be consult your surgeon if you see or feel something weird during cicatrization process, but, there are a series of advice that can be follow for a good cicatrization and make them less visible:

• Always consult a qualified surgeon, they are trained to perform the procedure and make the incisions in the less visible and less tension area, furthermore, the will use the best quirurgical equipment to prevent complications.

• Keep the area clean and dry, clean it with water and a neutral soap, having care to do not injure the incision and if you have surgical point, do not forced them, when you finish cleaning the area, dry it as best as possible.

• Try to move the zone as less as you can, this will avoid that the skin stretch and interrupt the cicatrization process. Furthermore, it is common that you feel itch in the area, but, do not scratch it, cause the dirtiness present in the hands and nails raise up the risk of infect the area.

• Take the medicine that your surgeon prescribe you, if you have a chronic disease, you should have it as controlled as possible, also, your surgeon will give you special recommendations for postoperative cares.

• Avoid exposure to the sun, when the incision is closed, use sunscreen and keep the area cover.

With a good performing in the surgery, and the right cares, you can enjoy the result of your plastic surgery and the scars will be minimal, almost invisible. In Esthetictrip we have the best experts in plastic surgery in Medellín, if you want to perform a plastc surgery, contact us through our web site and we will answer all you doubts about our surgeries.

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