Post-Surgical Appointment

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If you are interested in a package that is not listed, go to the link CONTACT US  and let us know your needs, we can create a package just for you.

The prices listed above include:

  • Medical tests (except for bariatric surgery)
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Surgery room
  • Intra-operative medications
  • Insurance against post-surgical complications, 30 days of coverage
  • Girdle and anti-embolic stockings (when applicable)
  • Post-surgical bra (when applicable)
  • Up to 10 post-surgical massages (when applicable)
  • After surgery follow up appointments with the doctor. This will be according to the doctor's recommendation
  • Companion/traslator during first appointment with the doctor
  • Companion/traslator during the anesthesiolgist appointment

The above prices DO NOT include:
Post-surgical medications. The cost of this medications are normally around 100 USD but it will depend on each's patient case. Food, tourism plans or any other services not included in this quote. Companion/traslator during the day of the surgery. Companion/traslator during follow up appointments or massages (when applicable).

*The prices do not include additional days of nurse, food, tourism plans or any other item not included in the list.

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