Colombia Plastic Surgery Cost

Prices given below are approximate and not definitive, is for our clients to have an idea of the approximate costs so you are able to create your budget:

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) 3.2944 weeks
Liposuction + Tummy Tuck 4.1914 weeks
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) 3.2163 weeks
Buttock Augmentation (Implants) 4.5484 weeks
Buttock Lift 2.8794 weeks
Liposuction (Without Fat Transfer) 2.7704 weeks
Liposuction (With Fat Transfer) 3.1742 Weeks
Liposoring 2.9722 Weeks
Abdominal Etching (Including Lipo and Fat Transfer) 4.6542 Weeks
Tight Lift 3.3114 weeks
Tight Lipo 1.2482 Weeks
Breast Augmentation 2.4252 Weeks
Mastopexy (Breast Lift) with implants 3.1772 Weeks
Mastopexy (Breast Lift) without implants 2.7742 Weeks
Breast Reduction with implants 3.4552 Weeks
Breast Reduction without implants 2.9752 Weeks
Gigantomastia 3.6192 Weeks
Bichectomy (Cheek Lipo) 4401 Week
Cheek Filling 282Within 10 days
Blepharoplasty (2 eyelids) 1.5152 Weeks
Blepharoplasty (4 eyelids) 2.1312 Weeks
Closing Ear Lobe 3233 Weeks
Facelift 5.5443 Weeks
Mentoplasty or Chin Implant 1.6723 Weeks
Otoplasty or Ear Surgery 1.7953 Weeks
Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery 2.0962 Weeks
Botox 282Within 10 days
Lip fillers 262Within 10 days
Lipo + Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation 6.6164 weeks
Lipo + Tummy Tuck + Mastopexy (with implants) 7.3684 weeks
Lipo + Breast Augmentation 5.5984 weeks
Lipo + Mastopexy (with implants) 6.3514 weeks
Lipo + Mastopexy (without implants) 5.9484 weeks
Mastopexy (with implants) + Tummy tuck 6.4724 weeks
Tummy tuck + Breast augmentation 5.7194 weeks

If you are interested in a surgery that is not listed, go to the link CONTACT US and let us know your needs, we will find a way to give you the best advice possible.

The prices listed above include:

  • Initial medical tests.
  • Plastic surgeon fees.
  • Anesthesiologist fees.
  • Surgical instrumentator Fees.
  • Surgery room.
  • Post-surgical complications insurance.
  • Home assistance insurance.
  • Post- surgical girdle (when required).
  • Post-surgical bra (when required).
  • Anti-shock socks (when required).
  • Post-surgical massages at home (x10) with the option of performing part of the package or all of it in a medical center with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Nurse during the first night (when required).
  • Clinical ambulance to place of residence (when required).
  • Implants with rupture and/or encapsulation guarantee.
  • Unlimited follow up appointments.
  • Personalized guidance.

*The prices do not include accommodation, airport pick up, post-surgical medicine and any other item not included in the list. For info about packages all-inclusive please go to PACKAGES.

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