The most requested plastic surgeries by men

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It is not surprising that year by year increase the amount of masculine patient that get a plastic surgery done; they are taking conscience of their appearance and want to enhance it, either to be attractive when they are single and "available in the market", or simply, they want to look good for themselfs and eliminated all the complex that torment them.

Like in women, exist some surgeries that are quite popular among mens, and, in EstheticTrip, we want to show which are these surgeries, what does it consist on, wich is the age that men opt to get performed.


This surgery aims to rejuvenate the look extracting the excess of fat and skin that are generated around the eyes as you getting old. This surgery is frequently in men older than 40, when the signs of aging are more visible. Some men get this surgery done to enhance their look, others, get this surgery done to correct vision problems due to have big excess of fat and skin that cover the eyes.

This surgery can be performed either local or general anesthesia, and can be done in superior lids, inferior lids or both at the same time; it is a procedure that can be done between 1 or 2 hours, and it is ambulatory, so it is not required hospitalization.


This surgery aims to enhance the appearance of nose, either for malformations of growth or injuries suffered, but also, it is frequently appeal to this surgery to correct respiratory problems. This surgery is recommended to get performed after 18, when the man complete his growth, and by this, there are more face changes.

This surgery required of communication between patient and surgeon, to communicate the patient's desires, and by this, make a plan that respect his desire, but also his morphology.

Abdominal etching

This surgery aims to mark the abdominal area to simulate the six pack of the abdomen. This surgery is requested by men that have a exercise routine and balance diet, but, no matter how much did they work, they not achieve to reduce the abdominal fat and define the zone.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, it is requires the use of the technique is Vaser that dissolve the fat, and the surgeon, after, define the abdominals. The results of this surgery are long lasting as long as the patient continues his exercise routine and balanced diet.


This surgery aims to give a youthful appearance to the face, eliminating the excess of fat and skin. In men, is little harder to hide the scars, because they use to have their hair short, also, when the tension of the face is done, it need to be careful with the position of the beard and sideburns; This does not mean that is impossible, the advances of this surgery are big and it can be achieved great results. The ideal patient for this surgery are men between 40 to 60, when the excess of skin and sagging are more notorious.


This surgery aim to enhance the appearance of the chin, this surgery require of a evaluation to know how should be correct the patient's chin, and by this way, have harmony with the face. This surgery is recommended in men above 18 when the face structure finish their changes, also, is recommended for patient that want to correct their chin due to an accident.

It is a simple surgery, it can be done under local anesthesia and also, it can be performed with other surgeries as rhinoplasty, to improve together all the face appearance.

The are more and more men that want to look great and plastic surgery is an effective solution, in Esthetic Trip, we count with experts in plastic surgery in Medellín, and we can help you to improve your looking, if you want to get a surgery done, you can contact us trough our website maiking click here.

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