Tips for before a breast augmentation

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19 October, 2019
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22 November, 2019

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Breast augmentation is one of the most requested surgeries by women nowadays, because is a surgery that helps them to have the breasts of the dreams, or recover the shape and size that, for multiple factors, they lost.

Even if, the breast augmentation surgery is an easy procedure, and offers excellent results, it is always good to have a serial of previous cares to guarantee the best results. That is why, next, we going to give you some tips for before a breast augmentation

Make the decision for yourself

Get a breast augmentation surgery performed, should be a decision that meditate and make by yourself, without the influence or pressure by other people. It is a personal decision for want to enhance something that will make you happy and comfort with your body.

It is a bad idea to get this surgery performed by pressure of friends, family or the couple; if you as women feels that you do not need this surgery, do not get done it.

You need to be advised by experts, they are the only that can advise you and answered all your doubts, and they will guarantee you the excellent results that will help you to enhance your body.

No smoke

It is always recommendable stop smoking, especially if you going to get a plastic surgery performed. When you smoke, it decreases the oxygen levels on blood, causing a slowdown in the healing process.

It always recommended stop smoking between 6 to 8 weeks before de plastic surgery date, and avoid smoking the same amount of time after the surgery. You can take advantage of the surgery to stop smoking forever and enhance your life quality.

Have a good health condition

For esthetic surgeries, like breast augmentation, it is required to have a good physical and mental condition. Always will be recommended medical exams to know your health condition and know it is recommendable perform the surgery.

Know the breasts prostheses

Talk to your surgeon about which is the best breast prostheses for your surgery and the appropriate size according your body type.

The most used prosthesis are the silicone gel prostheses, they are very safe, do not have risk of filtration, and also, do not interfere in lactation. Also, make sure that the prostheses are regulated have all the papers, which will guarantee you that they are high quality.

Choose the adequate date

The season of the years do not impact in the final results of a plastic surgery, the results going to depends of the surgeon experience and the correct performance of the postoperative cares.

When we talk about choose the adequate date to get a breast augmentation surgery done, we talk about choose a date that is not busy in your work or you experience stress, and you can dedicate to take care of yourself.

Even though the surgery is outpatient, it is required a medical disability for a week, so, try to avoid special dates or dates with deadlines on your work.

As you see, the breast augmentation is very safe and only require to keep in mind a few things that you need to know before get this surgery performed.

Remember that it need to be your own decision, never let other people pressure you. If you make the decision and want to get a breast augmentation surgery, in Esthetictrip we can help you.

We count with greats expert in plastic surgery, we work in appropriate facilities and with the best materials, so we can give you the best results. If you want to book a date with us, you can make through our website making click here.

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