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21 January, 2019
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15 March, 2019

Liposuction it is a procedure to eliminate the fat located in certain zones  of the body that tends to accumulate it. This procedure it is very safe and simple, but patients always wonder if they need to do some previous cares before, for the better result of the surgery, that's why, next we going to give you some previous cares before perfoming a liposuction.

No smoke

Stop smoking it is recommendable before undergo a surgery, but also it is recommendable to improve life quality. When you smoke, you reduce the amount of oxygen that arrives to your tissues, that can cause complications and slow down the cicatrization process of the skin. If you can not stop smoking, you need to detox your body a couple of months before the surgery, and avoid smoking during the recovery process.

Control your weight and have a good nutrition

Have an ideal weight depends of the height and body complexion of each person, what can be the ideal weight for one, maybe there is not for other. It is good to have a right nutrition, consume the good amount of nutrients and vitamins and be hydrated, remember that liposuction will not reduce drastically your weight and also will not prevet you to gain weight.

Suspend medication

You must talk to your surgeon if you are under a medical treatment that need the use of strong medication, him will be the responsible to indicate to you if you can continue your treatment, serch for a less strong medicine alternative or if you need to suspend it before performing the liposuction. Also avoid consume over the counter drugs, naturist medicne a vitaminical suplements.

Previous cares

It is recommended assist with a period of 8 hours of fasting before the liposuction, even if it can be used local anesthesia, sometime the patient is gently sedated so that the procedure is more bearable. Do not use makeup, do not have your toenails and handnails painted, remove your piercings and hair extensions and do not wear jewelry. Bathe with neutral soaps and not very abrasive, also avoid shaving the area with a razor blade at least one day before surgery to avoid injuries, nor use lotions or creams


Wear comfortable clothes and have a companion

Comfortable clothes are ideal for when the procedure ends, the patient do not need to do excessive effort while is dressing up. Try to use wide shirts, sport pants and footwear that do not require to be tied up. It is always recommended to have a companion when the procedure require anesthesia, because the effects can perdure a few hours after even have ended the procedure, also, your companion can help you to carry your belongs so you wil not do an unnescessary effort. The patient should not drive, it  is recommended go in taxi or that you companion drives.

If you keep in mind this tips before you perform a liposuction, you will have the certain that the procedure will be successful and you will show the body you always desire. If you want to have a liposuction, in Esthetictrip  we count with a high qualify staff, also, we take charge of your stay and acompanny you during all the process. Contact us through our web site if you want to know more about this and other procedures.

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