Tips for skin care during morning

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4 March, 2019
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29 March, 2019

Skin is the most extensive organ that we have, but also, is the most vulnerable one, thanks to it, is that we are protect of external agents that can be dangerous for us, also it is the first to alert us when something happpend inside of us. Mornings are a key moment for skin care, in this time of the day, is where we prepare for that it can put up with a workday, next we going to give you some tips for skin care during morning.

Avoid long showers

Although it seems illogical, being much time in the shower or take several shower during the day can resect the skin, this happen because we eliminate the lipid layer of the skin, who maintain it hydrated and protected. Try to use tempered water, and if you want to take another shower during the day, attempt to only use water to refresh the skin.

Clean and tonify the skin (specially the face)

It is very important to clean the skin during the morning, because during the night, our body is responsible to eliminate the toxins, also, it create a minimal layer of sebum that can obstruct our pores. Clean the skin with temperate water and use a soap with similar pH as our skin, wash it up and attempt to not leave any rest of product for avoid irritations.  The tonics clean the rest of the soap and help  the skin to nivelate the pH level of the skin.

Dry the skin gently

It is not necessary to dry the skin vigorously with the towel, it is enough to do mild pats with the towel to eliminate the excess of humidity.

Hydrate the skin

It is very important to hydrate the skin so that it is soft, luminous and free of wrinkles, used hydrate creams after a shower and remember drink 8 cups of water during the day to be hydrate from inside.

Use sunscreen

Before go out, remember use sunscreen at least FPS 30, it does not matter if you just go to the store, any exposition to the sun can damage the skin. During the day re apply the sunscreen.

A well-groomed skin inspire youth, follow this morning tips and you will have the luxury of show off a young skin, healthy and hydrated during all the day.

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