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Get up early, do makeup for work, complete your daily work, performed recreational activities... at end of the day, your skin have been exposed to many agents that need a breath to regenerate and look pretty.

Like you take care and prepare your skin during the mornings, during night you should perform a care routine too, with the purpose of eliminate all the dirtiness that your skin accumulated during the day, and help it with the regenerative process, which will gives us a youthful appearance and will help us to prevent the scariest effects of aging.

We know that you arrive to your home tired and you only want to sleep, but, dedicating 15 or 20 minutes with the tips of skin care during nights that we will give you, you will achieve maintain your skin flawless.

Never go to sleep without removing your makeup

If you are one who love makeup, it is very important that before you go to sleep you remove all your makeup, because makeup obstructs your skin pores and do not let it breath, also, remains accumulated all the dirtiness of day causing the premature aging of the skin.

You need to remove all makeup of your skin, for this you can use cleansing cream or cleansing oil, Use cotton cloth and moist it with the cleansing product of your choice, then proceed to pass it on your face for remove all the makeup, be careful with eyes area to not scrub strongly nor with excess, because the skin of this area is thinner.

Then, wash your face with a lot of water to remove the remains of the cleansing product of the skin, it is very important that there are no remains left, because this remains can accumulated and obstructs the pores.

Clean your face deeply

If you do not use makeup, this will be your first step in the night skin care routine. Use a special soap according to your skin type, to remove all the dirtiness that can have the skin, be careful to not scrub strongly the eyes area to avoid injuries and wrinkles.

Wash the soap with a lot of water to remove all the remains of soap and dry your skin with a clean towel: to dry your skin is enough patting softly with the towel on your skin to eliminate the excess of water.

Exfoliate the skin and use a facial masks

Exfoliation is good to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate, leaving room for the new skin to breath. also, this procedure help us that the skin absorbs better the nutrients of the cream and serum that we apply. This step needs to be performed at least once in a week because if we do regularly, we will damage the skin.

There are many products on the market, always choose one according to your skin type and the needs you have: apply the product on your face avoiding the eyes zone and its contour, massage the product with your fingers and end washing your face with a lot of water keeping in mind to not left any remain.

Facial masks are products designed with multiple benefits, it can hydrate, help to control the oil levels, eliminate dark dots etc. They are a good complement to help eliminate any substance of the face: follow the applying instructions of the facial mask when you use it.

Use a tonic

After all of this steps, the skin needs a little help; tonics are good to close pores, give hydration and balance the ph levels of the skin. No matter what type of skin you have, never use a tonic that have alcohol, because, even if they brings a freshness sensation, they also dry out the skin.

For the more sensitive skins it is recommended to use tonics with soft ingredients that bring freshness to the skin, while, for oily skins, it is recommended tonics more astringent.

Creams and serum

These products are designed to add nutrients that helps to enhance the skin appearance.

Serums are products with a concentrated amount of nutrients, like hyaluronic acid, collagen, or vitamins: apply a small amount of the product on the skin and massage the zone to helps its absorption. On the other hand, the night creams are good to hydrate the skin and it absorbs easily: after be applied the serum, apply the cream on all your face, giving a little message to impregnate the skin and it absorbs better.

Extra tips

  • Before you go to sleep, try to be the most relaxed as possible, leave all the stress of the day behind, to have a good repairing night sleep.
  • Sleep at dark, without any source of light that bothers you or wake up.
  • It is important to sleep the necessary, between 7 or 8 hours.
  • The best posture to sleep is face up, because this way you avoid the formation of fine lines. If you can't sleep face up, vary the side where you sleep to minus the the formation for wrinkles.
  • Change constantly your pillows sheath. While we sleep, our hair and skin impregnate oils in the sheath, this oil going accumulating causing that sticks to your skin.

No matter how tired you arrive to home, dedicate some minutes to a skin care routine will help you to maintain a youthful and healthy skin, also, you will prevent the effects of aging. Follow this tips and get on to have a marvelous skin.

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