Trends in aesthetic surgeries in 2019

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29 March, 2019
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29 April, 2019

Thanks to the aesthetic surgery, we can say "goodbye" to all the imperfections that torment us, there are few wishes that aesthetic surgeries can not fulfill, besides, the advances in this field offer high quality results with less traumatic sequels.

There has been a change about the reference when someone decide to perform an aesthetic surgery, before, patients showed pictures of differents famous person and they want to have a surgery to have a specific faction of that famous person, now, the patients wants to be an enhance version of themself, and this is thanks to the boom of the "selfies".

These photographs that they take themself, and then upload in all their social media, are a little view of each person's world, and it not illogical that people wants to look great in photos, so, patients go to the consult with this photographies and point out the problematic areas that want to correct. Next, we want to show you some surgeries that will be trends in this 2019.


There are no doubt, that nose is one of the areas that most complex to people, because nose is located in the center of the face, and any imperfection is really visible, most of the person tends to avoid photos or use make-up to try to dissmiss the shape. This surgery aims to correct the shape, size and appearance. Besides being a simple procedure, it is a procedure that has a fairly short recovery and the results are satisfactory.


Botox is generally used for adult to reduce the wrinkles and expression lines that are generate for aging, but now, it is start to use as a preventive treatment for wrinkles for young people


This treatment benefit especially people with fine skin and people that constantly marks different zone of the face like frown

Buttock augmentation

Buttocks are an attribute that interest most of womens and mens, especially among the latino public, the augmentation can be use a prosthesis or localized fat of other parts of the body. Every time it gains more strength to perform this surgery with lipoinjections of own fat, so it is very common to perform a liposuction with this surgery.

Breast augmentation

this, is one of the most popular surgeries and every year it raise up the number of women who decide to perform it. This surgery enhance the shape, size, contour and breast lift, beside, the prosthesis are high quality so there are no risk of damge or leak and incisions are perform in less visible places such as fold below the breast and areola.


This procedure aims to eliminate the excess of skin and correct the facial angles that can be found harmed by the effects of gravity or both skin aging and bone, it is ideal for reduce the aging effects and give a more fresh and lively look.

Before performing any surgery, search for a surgeon high quality, because he guarantee you the best result without put your life in danger, if you want to perform some of the mentioned procedures, in Esthetictrip we cout with the best prices and best staff so you can have your desire body, contact us through our web site, we will answer all your doubts

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