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Mastopexy or breast lift surgery, it is a procedure that aims to correct the drooping of the breast (a.k.a ptosis), this drooping is due to changes that breast tissue suffers that are consequence of aging, rapidly weight loss, hormonal changes or lactation; these factors weaken the tissues, making them drop and deform the breast.

This surgery is searched by women that are unhappy with the shape and position of their breast, they find them unattractive and they desire to recover the shape and position that they had before. This surgery, generally, it is combined with other technique of mammoplasty to reduce or increase the size of the breasts, so, in the previous dates, it should be speak with the surgeon to define the final results of the surgery.

How to know that your are a candidate for surgery?

As we mentioned before, this surgery is demanded by women that are unhappy with the size and position of their breasts, this droop, it can be due to a multiple factors, like sudden changes of weight, pregnancy and lactation and aging effects.

If a woman note that their breasts are droopy, it can be a candidate to the surgery. During the evaluation date, it is the medic who evaluate the skin of the zone and the quality of the mammary tissue, to define the action plan and if whether or not, is necessary the usage of a prosthesis for the surgery.

Following the idea, the mastopexy can be performed with or without prosthesis

  • Prosthesis are used, when the patient beside to correct the position, also wants to give them shape and increase the volume; also, prosthesis are used the the patient have little quantity of mammary tissue and it is require of a filling to achieve the desire result.
  • Prosthesis are not used, when the patient count with enough mammary tissue, so is rearranges and reshape the tissue to achieve the position, shape and size desire. If the patient also wants to reduce the size of the breasts, this technique is used.

Advantages of mastopexy

  • Recover the shape and position of the breasts.
  • Recover the body harmony and the woman confidence.
  • It is a surgery where it recovery is fast.
  • Results are lasting.

How mastopexy it is performed?

Like any other surgery it is required of a preliminary evaluation of the patient, in this date, it will evaluate the droop level of the breast and the quality of the mammary tissue, by this way, it can be evaluated if is required the use of prosthesis or on the contrary it is not required.

This surgery require the use of general anesthesia, once the patient is sedated, it proceed to perform the incision, this can be around the areola or in inverted T shape, depending of the degree of droop of the breast. Then, the surgeon removes the excess of skin and relocate the nipple to it new position, It is very important the position of the nipple, if is located too high it can be go out of the bra, and if is located too down gives the sensation that the breast "cry"; if prosthesis are use, this are located in this stage to give shape to the breast.

Finally, and when everything is correct incisions are sutured, in place a compression bandage and drains to eliminate the excess of fluid that will generate. Depending of the patient and her state, the surgery can be outpatient or required one day of hospitalization; the total duration of the surgery is between 2 to 4 hours.

What are the postoperative cares?

The first days you can feel pain the area, for this, your surgeon will prescribe medication to control the pain and the swelling and antibiotics to prevent infections. the drain will remain between 1 to 3 days according what surgeon see necessary.

When the bandage is retire, approx the third day, it necessary the use of a special deprotive bra, to hold the breasts, this bra should be use 24 hour during one month. the mastopexy stitches are retire to the 14 or 20 days after surgery.

It is recommended to not use pools during 1 month to prevent infections. After a week you can resume your work, but the physical activities need to wait at least one month to resume it, but need to be gradually.

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