What is abdominal etching?

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6 June, 2019
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Abdominal etching, it is a procedure that aim to shape and define the abdominal area, especially the central and lateral of the abdomen, simulating that colloquially we know as "six pack" or chocolate bar.

How to know if you are a candidate for surgery?

This surgery is recommended for both men and women between 18 and 60 years, that cares their nutrition, and realize exercise, however, not matter how much work and time they invest, they can not tonify the abdominal area as they desire.

This surgery offers better results in patients that have a define figure, but it is hard for them eliminate the little fat pockets that accumulate in the abdominal area, also, the skin of this patients, is more tonify and tends to adhere better to the muscle.

This surgery it is not recommended for patients with obesity, pregnant women or breastfeeding nor people with autoimmune diseases.

Advantages of abdominal etching

  • It is an outpatient surgery.
  • Scars are almost invisible.
  • The small pockets of fat of abdomen are eliminate.
  • It is achieved obtain the six pack or firm abdomen that is desire.
  • Enhance the patient self esteem.

How abdominal etching it is performed?

It is an outpatient surgery and it can be performed either local or general anesthesia, based that talked with the surgeon. As any surgery, it is required prior consultation, where the surgeon will examine the zone, skin quality, fat pockets and it will be make a plan to achieve the desire shape.

In the operation theater, and when the anesthesia makes effect, the surgeon will realize small incisions, at least half centimeter, then, using the Vaser aspiration tech, that dissolve selectively the fat tissues without affecting other tiissues, will treat the zone. When fat is retired, the surgeon will proceed to shape the area:

  • In men it is search recreate the "six pack" in the abdomen.
  • In women it is search to mark the medium and side lines to give the sensation of a firm abdomen, preserving the body femininity.

When the procedure ends, the incision are sutured, and it put a compression bandage to help skin to adhere the muscles. The surgery have a duration of 2 hours approximately.

What are the postoperative cares?

Being an outpatient surgery it is not required and hospitalization, but a disability of at least 5 days. During the first 24 hours, it is recommended absolute rest and use the compression bandage, at second day, it need to start perform little walks to avoid the formation of clots.

After two days, you can realize small activities, that will help you to enhance the circulation. After 5 days, the bandage will retired and it will prescribe the use of a compression girdle 24 hour during one month, later on, the girdle it need to be use during the nights for 15 days more.

During the first two weeks, you may notice swelling and bruises, but taking the medicine that surgeon prescribe you, and the usage of the compression girdle, after 2 or 4 weeks,this symptoms will disappear. It is important that do not expose directly to the sun during the first month, after this period you need to use sunscreen. After one month, you can return to your exercise routine normally. Keep in mind that the abdominal etching results are lasting, as long as you continue with your exercise plan and a nutrition and do not gain weight considerably.

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