What is blepharoplasthy?
22 November, 2018
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28 November, 2018
What is bichectomy

What is bichectomy


Bichectomy, also know as cheeks surgery, is a procedure that aims to improve the facial features, because it creates the illusion of having a slender and enlogated face, eliminating fat pocket located in the cheeks (this pockets are name bichat bag).

How to know if you are a candidate for surgery?

You have to keep in mind that since we born, everyone have bichat bags and as we grow, this bags tends to reduce. This surgery is recommended for men and women over 18 years, with a normal weight and a round looking face, is not recommended for people with overweight or obesity, also, is not recomended for patients over 45 years, because at this age there is a significant reduction in bichat bags, so the surgery can cause a premature aging of the face.

It is advisable to realized a preliminary evaluation, since each case is different.

Advantages of bichectomy

  • Enlogate and slim the face.
  • Eliminate the round looking face.
  • It is an outpatient basis surgery.
  • Recovery period is short.
  • The scars are no visible, because the insicion are perform inside the cheeks.

How bichectomy it is perfomed?

It is an outpatient basis surgery and it’s performed with local anesthesia. It very importatn to have a great oral cleaning before the surgery, this will help to reduce infetion problems that may occur. After anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will make an incision inside the cheek; with forceps he will removed the neccesary amount of bichat bag to give a natural looking, then, he will suture it and will perform the same process in the other cheek, when the surgery ends, the surgeon will put a compressive bandage. The whole surgery takes between 30 to 45 minutes.

What are the postoperative care?

Being an outpatient surgery, the patient does not require hospitalization, but a disability of at least 3 days. You should stay with the compressive bandage at least 2 hours after the surgery, this will prevent bruising. You may feel swelling but it is normal, you can decrease the swelling applying ice wrap in cloth directly in your cheek for 15 minutes every 4 hours durig the next 3 days


It very important to maintain a great oral cleaning also, perform water rinses with salt every 12 hour during 7 days to keep the surgical injuries clean. Always take the medication that your surgeon prescribe you.

It is better to not performe heavy phisical activities during the first 5 day, after that, you can resume your daily activities normally, keep in mind to alway use sunscreen if you going to expose to the sun.

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