What is buttock augmentation?

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What is bichectomy?
26 November, 2018
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12 December, 2018

Buttock surgery, also know as buttock augmentation, it is a procedure that aims to improve the gluteal area. This surgery is quite popular among the latino population, while in Europe population is barely request.

Nowadays, there are 2 procedure to perform this surgery: lipoinjection of own fat, and gluteal prosthesis, both procedure offer the better results, and using one or another depends on physical condition of the patient but also their expectatives of final results.

The buttock augmentation is a delicate surgery that requires a special assessment of each patient in the area measures discussed, shape and arrangement of the hip bone. If what is sought is a significant increase is better contemplate the gluteal prosthesis but if you are looking for a small increase is usually recommended fat lipoinjection own.

Never perform a buttock augmentation with injections of biopolymers, liquid silicone, or biogel, this sustance may jeopardize your aparence or even your life, also do no inject hyaluronic acid, because it is an expensive subtance that needs be reinject and most of the time it is use a hyaluronic acid of low quality. The most common problems of using this sustance are: migration, alterations in pigmentation, granulomas or nodules and chronic infections.

How to know if your a candidate for surgery?

This procedure is recommend for patients with a healthy life style that want to increse their buttocks. The buttock augmentation using lipoinjections of the own fat is recommend for patiets who want more than an increase, they want a modeling of the area, for this the patient need to have a fat deposits in areas such as back and abdomen where the surgeon can extract. The gluteal prosthesis are indicate for patient that do not have a lot a fat deposits to reallize the lipoinjection, also for patients that wants a huge increse of their buttock.

Advantages of Buttock augmentation

  • It is a personalized procedure, the patient with the help of the surgeon, can decide the size, and shape, even almost any desire of the patient.

Advantages of Buttock augmentation using lipoinjections of own fat

  • Appearance and more natural touch.
  • The use of own fat reduce the risk of rejections
  • Improvement of the corporal proportion.

Advantages of Buttock augmentation using gluteal prosthesis

  • Is an alternative for patient that are not candidate for lipoinjections of own fat.
  • The result are permanent, nowadays the silicone use for the implants are semisolids, so there are no risk of leaking and it not need to be remplace.

How buttock augmentation it is performed?

It is an outpatient basis surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia an take around 2 hours the complete surgery.

For the lipoinjections of own fat procedure, first, the surgeon will perform a liposuction to extrac the fat from back or abdomen, later, this fat will be process and then inject in a deep and superficial plane of the upper part of the buttocks and only in a superficial plane of the lower part because in this area there are vascular and nervous structures that can injure.

For gluteal prosthesis procedure, after the anesthesis take effects,the surgeon will realize an incisión trought the gluteal cleft after checking there is no any active bleeding, the prosthesis will be placed, finally the surgeon will suture the incisión leaving a drain to prevent fluid acumulation.

What are the postoperative cares?

The next day after the surgery, the patient will experience fatigue and pain, this can be control with analgesic the the surgeon will prescribe you. During all recovery, the patient need to avoid sitting for long periods of time, also need to sleep upside down.

The first 2 week you need to avoid using pools for preventing any infection, if the patient have an excerse routine you can not do it for 3 or 4 week, after this you may resume gradually your routine.

During the first week may have decreased sensation or tingling in the thighs but this feeling gradually disappears as the discomfort that the patient experienced the first few weeks. Additionally you may be required massage.

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